Italia Marittima's Board of Directors, by its resolution dated 27th March 2015, resolved to adopt an Organizational Model aimed to prevent criminal offences decribed by Legislative Decree n. 231 dated June 8th, 2001, on the subject of administrative liability of companies for criminal offences perpetrated by their representatives.

Model is formed by a General Part and a Special Part. General Part illustrates the criteria and the principles of the Decree while the Special part provides a legal analysis of crimes mentioned in said decree and the general principles of conduct which should inspire the conduct in all the risk potential areas.

As provided by above mentioned decree a Supervisory Body (Organismo di Vigilanza) has been appointed by the Company's Board of Directors with resolution dated 19th November 2013 with the aim to supervise the effectiveness of ITS Organizational Model. Supervisory Body is formed by Mr. Giuseppe Viani (Chairman of Supervisory Body), Ms. Simonetta Giretti and Mr. Andrea Grisoni. Mr. Marino Durr has been assigned as Secretary of Supervisory Body.

Meanwhile Italia Marittima has also adopted a Code of Ethics, as approved by its Board of Directors with resolution dated 27th March 2015, which is an essential part of the Organizational Model, highlighting the principles, the commitments and the ethical responsability on which Company's activities are based.

The Code of Ethics also sets the standards of reference and the rules of conduct that must guide the behavior and the activities of those who operate with Italia Marittima.

Codice Etico (IT)   -    Codice Etico (EN)