Quality policy

Italia Marittima S.p.A. is a Quality-minded shipping company. Reference Values for the whole organisation are: the Quality, the Reliability and Efficiency of the service provided to the Customers. Consequently a Quality Management System has been implemented to ensure that Customers' requirements are constantly satisfied. To successfully lead the organization toward its goals, Top Management promote all necessary actions and exhort personnel to enforce the following principles in managing all processes and daily activity:

  • Customer focus

    Italia Marittima S.p.A. depends on its Customers. Customers' satisfaction is pursued through an attentive analysis of current and future Customers' needs, leading to the development of new markets and services.
  • Mistakes prevention

    Operating performances are measured, non conformities, vessels’ accident/incident data are collected and analysed to prevent their reoccurrence. All possible actions are put in place to meet statutory requirements with particular regards to the safe navigation.
  • Factual approach to decision making

    Top Management believe that the collection of statistical data and their detailed analysis are the fundamental instruments to take effective and sound decisions, with particular regard to the cost monitoring and to the upgrade of possible savings.
  • Continuous improvement of processes

    The target of reaching Quality is developed through the planning and analysis of processes, defining working methods, responsibilities and monitoring each phase, with the aim at identifying any area to be enhanced.
  • Leadership

    Top Management rely on its Managers to create and maintain the working environment in which personnel is fully involved in pursuing company’s objectives. Managers are devoted to train their staff, educating them in respecting the system and also enhancing the team spirit and the efficiency in daily job.